√   Clean rooms including sorting out clothes/ throw out / give to charity

√   Wash pillows, sofa covers

√  Dust books, shelves, night stand, lamps

√  Paint room / do retouches (hallway, kitchen)

√  Clean mirrors in bathroom (people who have seen the bathroom, will know about that task!)

√  Steam nearly everything (walls, windows, banister, doors oven, mattress, floor) we only rented the steamer for 48 hours (actually for 49 as it’s still not picked up…)

√  Clean bathroom including discarding old cosmetics, medicines

√  Wash outdoor furniture

√  Get rid of dead leaves and cut down funny lilac that grows in no-man’s land in-between the two properties

√  Clean kitchen, including oven (everything!)

√  hoover carpets

To be fair we didn’t do everything on the list (and not all of the points last weekend) I have only put up the positive points. There is still a bit to do on Friday, my room still is more of a storage place than a room. It didn’t help that my body chose last week to have a small breakdown, and,  sadly, I had to miss A’s party on Friday, but I wasn’t a very entertaining person.  During the weekend  G had to multi-task all the time: doing what every she was doing at the time and keeping an eye out for me before I could crawl out the room saying ‘I’ll just do…’   I seriously hate not being able to do things and seeing everyone else working didn’t make it easier for me to sit still. We had a pretty nice Saturday lunch in my room on top of suitcases and boxes, sitting in the sun. Altogether it was a peaceful event and peace I have been craving for month. I even woke up Sunday morning smiling!

Pryors Bank Cafe

Pryors Bank Cafe

On Sunday we missed the donkey event for Palm Sunday in church. However, we did see the donkey standing outside. After the service we finally had a chance to try out th very good coffee at Pryors Bank Cafe. We discovered the cafe some weeks back from the top deck of a bus driving over the bridge. According to G they also have some very good cakes – she went in to order coffee and had a look at them.  We managed to get a table in the sun on the terrace which wasn’t an easy task!

I’m still staying at home all week and will absorb the peace in the house, dawdling along, maybe knitting a bit – I have started the February Lady Sweater –  an obvious thing for April – in  Rowan Jeans cotton in a sort of sand colour – and I have already frogged twice (too stupid to follow instructions for the button hole). Or maybe I’ll be curling up in bed like this….


2 thoughts on “Done!

  1. Daisy says:

    Eeeek, you’ve done a lot more spring cleaning than me and I haven’t been feeling under the weather!! Thanks for the link to the cafe too, must try that next time I’m in London.

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