Easter 2009

Easter 2009

What did we do…? We took my parents to eat Sushi (a new experience although they have eaten Japanese food for years – and still have very mixed feelings about a Japanese breakfast…) G made an appropriate Easter bunny cake for dinner. We went for a long (at least for little fragile me) walk along the river. We looked at old holiday pictures from 1978 (oh so long ago) going to Portugal (we really went onto this nutshell of a boat  – even a camping van made it onto the tiny boat – my parents were sure we wouldn’t make it to the other side. You should see the picture of my Dad on the boat with a look of how-do-i-get-my-family-out-of-this-water-if-the-boat-sinks look!) We had a really nice lunch at Daylesford Organic (after that we bought lots of plants and some yarn at Socktopus). We made some music (mostly my Dad who did a very nice improvisation on a Christmas song and a Russian folk song at the piano, superimposing one over the other…) we had lots of coffee everywhere we went… we went and bought some more lavender,  sat in the mini garden, actually really went to the 5.30am (!!) Easter bonfire service (got up at 5.00am and walked there) and we did knit a lot and in G’s case also frogged a lot – some patterns really call out for it….


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