No post in days…. because…. we are taking a little May holiday! :-)

Setting out from London on Friday, 1st May at just before 4am (honestly, why do we always have to leave London before the break of dawn?!!) we had a little whizz-tour through parts of Germany. After a gorgeous sunny day spent mostly at Münster Zoo with M’s mum, feeling like little kids looking at the animals and taking at least 100 pictures, Heeellohwe went on to Berlin for the weekend. I love living in London, but being in Berlin, one could have second thoughts about a change of capitals…. More sunshine, 2 beer gardensBiergarten, 1 birthday, 1 best Sunday brunch in years with great company, 1 fabulous flea market, too many drunk kids who spent all of 1st May getting to that state of (un-)consciousness – met by the same number of police officers…., 2 evenings chatting with H, our former 3rd housemate, 1 afternoon on a sun chair on the Spree river-bank being served ApfelschorleSpreeufer, 3 new great friends!

The next stop was Bremen, featuring a very nice visit with my parents, 1 shopping trip to the local textile shop, 1 very sweet but slightly play-obsessed dog and 1 visit to the Schnoor-Teestübchen (tiny tea salon) with my dad.

And… onwards (or back) to Münster, where we are now OFFICIAL – as of today we are proudly registered owners of our little online shop. More about this in a couple of days, as we are off to celebrate with a cup of coffee (not quite so warm and sunny today).


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