Cream cheese in the brain….?

Very British -Scones to live by ©Delicious Days

Very British -Scones to live by ©Delicious Days

It’s amazing how a little post – in terms of word count – like the previous one, can inhibit you from posting a new entry, just because it makes one think so much and everything you would like to say afterwards is not thoughtful, not deep enough. There have been several (deleted) attempts to write another blog post, but none survived the editorial eye.

Oh well, I can’t be deep and thoughtful every day (deep sigh – I’d never be a philosopher!) – my brain is still full of fog or as I prefer to call it of  Philadelphia (yes I do mean the cream cheese).  Somehow I find cream cheese more comforting than fog. Also I find that this funny feeling (that seems to make thinking or, more accurately said, concentration ever so difficult and the more you try the worse it gets) is, at least for me, more tangible than fog. Fog is something light and airy even when it’s thick. But to me it feels like wading through something thick, like wet sand just without the peeling effect. I know everything is there – I just can’t reach it. I learned not to try and force it, but fly low and reach it from a different angle. But it requires a lot of patience – which I rarely have. (One of my friends said to me once that she thought God’s plan in her life seemed to be to teach her patience and I’d have to agree on that one for me).

Technically, I should write something totally different, but instead I find myself cruising the Internet for amusing and totally random things.

It started by getting or rather more or less winning a USB hoover for the computer, then I found what sounds like the perfect recipe for scones, a new version of a  chocolate cake (with the interesting fact that you can substitute Brandy with black tea – never tried that before, but I’ll definitely do it next time!) and a rather interesting intermezzo at the Elysée, a free pattern for a summer dress (which we hopefully are going to have this year – the summer I mean… perhaps also the dress), I found the t-shirt to support the all girls to school Project– I said it was random – and read an article about ‘how much would we give up to be more green’. Nothing of the above is remotely connected to my to-do-list for today…. To finish this randomness off, I watched the trailer of Food Inc. Hungry For Change.  At some point my brain will come round if not today then tomorrow (sigh – wait – again) in the meantime I try to keep myself entertained…


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