Sewing weekend against frustration

sewing weekend

sewing weekend

We have been sadly neglecting the blog for a while for various reasons. One is the constant challenge of dealing with the managing agency regarding the mould problem (for details see previous posts… I’d better not get started on this again). It’s fairly hard to write a post about this with grace and eloquence. I really hate not being taken seriously, especially when I pay for it with a day (or days) of exhaustion, fever attacks and fights to eat (and keep down what I ate).  A lot of us with invisible illnesses are not taken seriously in life and every time this happens again, it brings home how different our lives are…  It requires so much patience!

One of the things  – besides knitting – I’ve been doing to stay upbeat and feel like a person, is sewing. I have sewn a lot before and ever since G was given her sewing machine, we have slowly gotten back into it.  I have found a great pattern for a cap – perfect with tutorial and pictures to show less experienced (or slighty brain fogged people like me) the way. I’ve made two of them already (you can spot one in the picture) and recycled some old jeans, and my parents have put an order in for one each… you might want to keep this in mind before you start with it and are tempted to show it to people….

The blouse and the summer dress are both patterns from June edition of  Burda (actually G has done the blouse and the curtains and I made the dress) and the sheer material for our new curtains was an idea by Marie-Claire maison. We found the material for the curtains at Peter Jones. For the dress and the blouse we went to Fabrics Galore which was one of the best finds this year. I also bought some nice Paul Smith linen for some shorts (why stop at having a yarn stash… add a fabric stash!) for less than a pair of shorts would have cost me in the shop (including zip and button) – it just needs to be sewn now.

blouse and cap

blouse and cap

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