Good wishes after taking a wrong turn

There  are lots of  traditions in a life of a singer, things one shouldn’t do (like never cross a stage in a coat – unless it’s part of the production) or sentences one should say before a performance to wish well. I grew up with toi toi toi (and the additional spitting over the shoulder – to keep bad spirits away), personally I perfer ‘merde’  -it’s my dark side for curses 🙂 Some other singers prefer ‘in bocca al’ lupo’ (in the mouth of the wolf) and  in English speaking countries there is a tradition to say ‘break a leg’…. A sentence that Joyce DiDonato took very literally in Saturday’s Barbiere Premiere.  From what I understood she tripped and fell shortly after her intro aria at the beginning of the Opera – but as a professional through and through she got up and continued singing!  – for about three more hours! She managed to go through the opera with something that later turned out to be a broken fibula. You can read what she says about it herself (plus some lovely pictures).

Wishing her excellent pain killers, long knitting needles to be able to scratch her leg when it itches under the cast (it’s currently very warm in London!), and generally patience and improved wellbeing as the fracture heals over the next few weeks!


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