I’m off to see the wizard….

Bliss – a long weekend in Spain!!!! Tomorrow morning I’m off to join M and her parents for a few days of  sunshine (fingers crossed!) and sea view 🙂 By the way, how come that even when I’m only taking 2 days off work, I end up having to work hours of overtime beforehand to make sure the sky doesn’t fall on people’s heads while I’m away? There seems to be a plot to get holiday taken back in advance by making sure the overtime matches it..

Well, well – now it’s evening and I’m at home. I just have to finish a few little things: clean the kitchen, clean my room, wash the bed covers, so they will be nice upon my return, tidy up the edges of the shorts I have just finished sewing for M, so that she can wear them in Spain, thank God for my lovely friend who packed my suitcase for me (mostly: I’ll have to add my toothbrush and a couple of other items – I hate packing), find out which train I have to take in the morning to make it to the airport on time, make sure I wake up early enough, and hope that Ryanair won’t be as horrible as I expect them to be. Yep.


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