Your Festival Summer

Bryn Terfel as Don Giovanni and a slightly blue Thomas Quasthoff as Commendatore in the Verbier Festival

Bryn Terfel as Don Giovanni and a slightly blue Thomas Quasthoff as Commendatore at the Verbier Festival

In case you are classical summer festival fan you might want to go over to Arte‘s new Live channel and check out the concerts. Everything is broadcast live and after a couple of days made available online so you can watch it whenever you have the time for it. There is a lot from Aix-en-Provence, even entire operas, including the new Idomeneo. Unfortunately not the Rattle Götterdämmerung  – but one shouldn’t ask for too much 🙂 and the Orphée aux Enfers had a bit of a technical glitch so that picture and sound weren’t synchronized. This was a couple of days ago, so they might have fixed it by now.

After Aix, they have now proceeded to broadcast concerts from Verbier and all four concerts I watched were amazing! Watching the Verbier concerts bring back a lot of memories from when I used to spend my summers in Sion (which is about 1 hour’s drive from Verbier) still being partly a string player, but mainly doing anything and everything – helping with stage management, working for the Swiss Radio Station, extra girl in the choir, selling concert programmes and tickets – really nearly everything. I miss being surrounded by music as much as I used to be when I grew up, but I hope this will change over the next years (not missing it less, but being surrounded by it again!).

La Castafiore

La Castafiore

But back to the Festival Summer: Bayreuth is opening its doors this Sunday after narrowly (fingers crossed) avoiding a strike of the stage workers brought on by problems with the new double female leadership. The online viewing (despite being sponsored by Siemens) is not free. I think it comes at £14.50 or so. Usually, radio clásica broadcasts life from Bayreuth amongst many other radio channels. I just remember this specific one, because I used to listen to the Bayreuth broadcasts in the car, sometimes waiting parked in the sun for an hour until the act way finished, while everyone else was already at the beach – yep I was a bit extreme (my mother: “well you can stay and listen to the rest of the act, meanwhile we’re going now – here are the keys”)

…. and while you’re checking out radio programmes you might want to try radio catalynia who have very interesting programmes and their journalist responsible for the ‘opera moments’ is a fellow blogger. And I’m sorry to say,  I couldn’t find much about online broadcasts about Salzburg. The BBC Proms can probably only be watched online if you are in Britain. But maybe some kind souls will put up interesting stuff on YouTube… Enjoy the festival summer!


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