A mixed bag

JulyAfter weeks of  getting nothing done in the house (or: what an email to a landlord can achieve when the agency lady is sleeping) our fabulous plumber has been at work since last Thursday morning installing the new boiler, getting rid of a gas leak (which would be one more explanation for our super high gas bill – if we needed another one) pulling up floor boards and fixing up the shower.  This rockets him up to place no. 1 on the hit list! For the first time we can have continental standard showers.  I expect long queues for the shower from now on (note from G: don’t let the news trickle out to boyfriends, neighbours, German Expats, etc!!) 🙂

The weekend started really well (did I mentioned the shower?).  G and I had booked a car for a weekend escape (in case we would have ended up with no water for the weekend). We booked a Smart and were upgraded to a new Golf, which was a dream: smooth running motor, solid roadability – ah, I miss not having a car. We had a nice drive out to Rochester, perfect weather, lovely hotel – we left our things in the hotel and went for a walk in Rochester. According to the  guide, the Cathedral tower is named the Gundulf tower (after the Bishop who built it)  -not Gandalf tower although that would have been fitting too… The Cathedral website has an online tour where you can see the painted organ, which we weren’t allowed to take pictures of.  We arrived at the end of a service and the sound was amazing. After some coffee in the sun we walked down the high street and found a beautiful fabric shop (hometown fabrics), which made us nearly get a ticket for our car…

Back at the hotel, we used the  fantastic spa and had a fabulous dinner in the restaurant – all was well until the bad news dribbled in  – we had noticed a funny smell earlier, but since we didn’t spend much time in the room and it smelled more like old cabbage. We thought we’d get it out by opening the windows. Think again. –  It wasn’t a smell of cabbage and it got so bad (imagine your worst memory of the odour in a public toilet that has been overlooked by the cleaners…) that we called the night porter for help, who stepped into the bathroom and backed out immediately (yes it was that bad) to call the owner. The owner acknowledged “some smell” (which retrospectively made me fear for her health in case of a chemical disaster) but since she had no other room to offer as they were fully booked, and apparently there were no other rooms available in a radius of 20 miles, we drove back home at 1.30 am – not quite the relaxing weekend we had hoped for.

Bluelounge CableDrop

The positive thing in this unfortunate event was that on Sunday we were able to get rid off some of our junk, driving it to the dump, followed by a quick trip to IKEA (as if such a thing really existed: a ‘quick’ trip to IKEA… hmpff) to get us a new workstation/laptop table.  Something that I’ve seen on the IKEA hacker a couple of weeks ago while searching the web for some creative ideas.  Should you be looking for inspiration, this is definitely a place to check out! Not everything is great, but some people really have a bubbling creativity.  Our new workstations will hopefully be complete once the new feet and cable drop arrive. This should sort out some of our chaos or at least I hope so…


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