Välkommen Benjamin!

We were determined that nothing should come in-between us and a relaxing weekend this time – and nothing did,  except for the occasional fever and feeling sick attacks (which are more frequent since the stress with agency and prolonged exposure to mould), but they are not limited to weekends and therefore only worth mentioning in passing (sort of).

Thankfully, all the works in the house are done – regarding the mould problem – and  I’m not going to push for more than strictly necessary with ‘sleeping lady’, since the mould problem is (hopefully) solved.  But this is a topic for another time… I forgot to take before-after pictures during the works. They would have looked amazing with all the floor boards pulled up on Friday in search of the gas leak…

Anyway, back to last weekend. We had a lazy start (with amazing bread from a new shop in Putney) and then went to pick up the cool feet and cable holders from the Post office. One pair of cool feet went as a present to my sister  –  who is currently starting her first real job (and already getting a work laptop and her own office – way to go!). And since she is snowed under with work, she won’t find the time to read the blog (and spoil the surprise) before the feet actually arrive.

Coincidentally (more or less) on our way back from the post office, we passed by the Villeroy& Boch outlet, which we have been wanting to check out for some time. They have Peugeot salt and pepper mills … I have wanted some for ages! I have been totally against buying any other mills despite ours falling apart for months now, making G grumble every time she had to use them for cooking – which means nearly every day.  Happy cooking with the new mills!

With the arrival of the feet and cable holders there was no excuse not to cut Benjamin into shape. One Benjamin is now my new laptop table from which I’m currently blogging and the oher one, which is even shorter, is G’s new work station on her desk –  it needs a bit of fine tuning, so no pictures there at the moment.

Saturday morning coffee

Saturday morning coffee

The laptop table Benjamin is great: perfect height and very stable – and was a funny subject for conversation on an earlier phone call with my Dad when I apologised that I was late in picking up the phone as I had to crawl out from underneath Benjamin (obviously thinking he’d remember I was going to have a new laptop table with that name, as everything in IKEA has a name). Clearly he did not and was slightly perplexed about this information – there was a mini pause in which one could positively hear him thinking about not being able to keep up with his daughter’s boyfriends’ names, before we clarified the situation.

NOTE:  BTW, there is something like a short trip to IKEA, if one goes at 3.55pm and the shop closes at 5pm – which was, I have to say, a real coincidence as we thought it was open until 6pm…


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