Happy Weekend

Esaimadas ready to eat

Ensaimadas ready to eat

When I saw this post on Delicious Days on Tuesday I knew what I was going to do for the weekend! G found some fresh yeast (finally!) at Whole Foods – it’s some of the things I miss here. At home you’ll find fresh yeast in almost every supermarket, but so far here it’s been like going on a quest.

I managed to have a good go at cleaning the kitchen on Thursday which was needed after the works done  – but nearly entirely done subconsciously. I blame my audio book (Frank Schätzing Der Schwarm) for it. It was so thrilling that I hat to stop knitting (too many mistakes – despite of a really simple pattern) and went down to make something to eat… which then lead to extensive cleaning in short. So the kitchen was ready to be messed up again with some esaimadas. I have never eaten the

fresh yeast

real ones, only the ones in mainland Spain. They remind me of fantastic holidays with my family, of visiting interesting places, of hot chocolate for breakfast so thick that you need a spoon (to my sister’s horror- anyone who knows her knows she’s not into those kinds of puddings…)

So I set out to work on Friday afternoon to have them ready for a late snack in the evening and the rest on a tray to be baked on Saturday morning.


Working with yeast mainly consists of 5 minutes of work and a lot this: waiting. Waiting for the yeast to rise. Oh well trust me to feed the fungi! I substituted the sugar with some grape sweetened pear jam (I’d eaten the rest of the otherwise obligatory apricot jam for breakfast this morning)

In the meantime I needed some food as well – and still no knitting as I was still listening to the book…. but a couple of calls home for a session of “long distance fixing” for my parents’ Skype (it turned out that  they used the wrong plug to put the headphones in…)

And then those Ensaimadas were still not ready for the impatient eater – there was still this:

And since I seem to be unable to do anything with flour without spilling a good part all over the kitchen – some hoovering. Despite all that they turned out to be absolutely fantastic. We preferred the batch that rose overnight, but that might also be because they were in the oven slightly longer… maybe something to try out next weekend.  Just try them out yourselves for a perfect start into the weekend – with the smell of them filling the kitchen and then hot Ensaimada in your hands you’ll get a mini holiday feeling.


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