Sock-modeling on  Saturday morning for the socks (yarn: Socks that Rock, I think the colourway was ‘Fred Flintstone’)  that G made… and I stepped on the needle (oh nooooooo!) trying to keep my balance. This changed our plans a little  – finishing the sock was out of question – so we made a little trip down to Socktopus. Thankfully, the same size needles were in stock  and I was able to replace it. It seems as though I have some deep hidden issues with harmony needles: this is the third one I destroyed. I’m not counting the one that was self-destructive and crumbled in my hands while knitting.

We also ended up buying yarn. Alice’s shop it just too seductive and one needs a very strong will not to buy some wonderful yarn. Other than that we had a pretty good weekend and are now very much looking forward to the next one – it’s not only a long one, but we are also going to have a car!

And there are some happy news to share: Congratulations to Daisy who got engaged!! We are looking forward what you’re going to knit for your wedding: shawl, gloves— dress…??

Congratulation from G & M to Daisy (I couldnd find any daisies to replace the lilies...).

Congratulations from G & M to Daisy (I couldn't find any daisies, so imagine them instead of the lilies...).


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