I love bank holidays

I love bank holidays! We rented a car and I got driven around-  to the beach, to Richmond Park (and around the Park – twice), to lovely little places (tea house) and bigger ones (B&Q – superstore)…. There was a bit to do around the house  – several gross-lines were crossed lately – so we snail-prooved the kitchen (my Mom had the latest idea how to completely seal it off, we can do this next weekend…), filled the cracks in the floor with wood filler and installed a new toilet seat (the old one broke). We also bought a couple (understatement of the year) of sample colours for my Mom. She wants to renovate the kitchen and since my Dad takes some time to be motivated (but then is literally unstoppable – “we’ll paint this ceiling in an hour” – famous last words) and I’m going home  later this month I thought it would be a good idea to have some colours as a starting point.

Despite spending too much time in this mega B&Q looking through colours, we had little decorating projects going on in the house. Since canvas printing was too expensive I found that the cheapest – slightly artsy – way of having a big picture on the wall, is to cut it into lots of smaller ones. It would have been easier if the photo shop would have printed them all the same size. Due to unknown reasons they each came out differently…

And for the first time in my life I own a bed side table. I never had one, because my bed was always close to a shelf (where one can store tons of stuff)… so Rast (don’t you love the names they have at IKEA?) found its way home with me and I can have all my knitting, books, iPod (against sleepless nights: I have a lot of audio books on there so I can pretend to sleep and at least have my eyes closed…) magazines and lots of other things close to my head.


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