You can do this…


This is probably how A felt in July when she had to give up half way into the Trailwalk because her feet wouldn’t go any further – her team went through and finished the 100km  in 31 hours and 10 minutes.

Earlier this week when I looked at the Open House London catalogue (third year must be a charm) one point in the programme made me think of her: The London Night Hike.


London Night Hike ©

It just called out for her… and sure enough, the call did reach her: in form of an advertisement poster at Canary Warf Tube station. She is going to do it and has found a great team to go with her. The walk is held in support of the Maggie Cancer Centres. 20 miles walking through London in the dark starting with a ride on the London Eye, getting exclusive access to the Royal Geographical Society and Horse Guards, looking at architectural highlights (Fulham Palace and Channel 4) finishing at the Savoy Place to see the sunrise and well-deserved bacon butties (or vegetarian equivalent).  Most probably it’s one of the coolest nights out ever  – ok, providing it won’t rain… but what’s a little rain for determined people, right?

If you want to support A’s team go over to her blog and read about her and the stories of the people from her team or maybe you want to walk it yourself? Anything is possible!


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