Happy Birthday, M!

M in 1979

M in 1979

I believe we might have spent almost the entire day eating…. Perhaps eating is not an activity, but a state of being after all?! And it came about like this: on Thursday I had asked M what kind of a birthday cake she would like. After having tentatively decided on a cheesecake, I emailed different recipes and received the answer: “I can’t decide – they all look so yummi”. So I decided to make sampler (half recipe) versions of 3 cakes instead of just one (pictures to follow tomorrow, promise! Done!). Easy to spot the glutton, n’est-ce pas? And why stop there? I also found a recipe for the cutest mini-bagels on the Delicious Days blog, which just had to be tried out for our extended brunch. So, with some London sunshine, slowly opening white and pink roses, candles, Vicky Christina Barcelona playing on the stereo, freshly baked mini bagels, a raspberry cheesecake, a cherry sheet cake, and a decadent melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cake (of course all slightly amended and made into sugar-free versions), and lots of telephone calls from lovely family and friends…. breakfast lasted a few hours… or so 🙂

Happy Birthday, M!


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