What they do in other cities…

While we’re slowly trying to crawl out of the hole, things remain quite stressful (or mildly annoying like a British friend of ours would have put it) on the house hunt front. It would probably relieve the stress to have a good rant about estate agents and what they call immaculate condition (= infested with black mould) or habitable (=dump) condition.  I understand why they call it house hunt…

But I need something inspiring today and of course we still owe you the Paris report and pictures.  So I thought I’d do a short post about creative things that happen in Stockholm and Paris. Listen to some nice audio book ( I still have to find one as I finished the last one knitting the “nameless jumper” with wool from my old LYS in Germany) and work a bit on sorting the pictures.

Meanwhile, have a look: 3 star Michelin Chefs are now cooking for free in the Métro. And creative minds in Stockholm try out a brilliant idea to help everyone’s health.


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