Postcard 2 1/2

Passenger Chaos for Eurostar (by Reuters)

To avoid this (honestly it’s not the first cold winter, is it?) we have now cancelled our train journey home – after a lot of teasing yesterday from colleagues (didn’t you book the train for less stress—?),  some talking and thinking,  some phone calls to one incompetent and one very friendly and competent person from customer services at Deutsche Bahn and some online cancellations  later – and are flying home tomorrow night.  It seemed to be the safest thing to do – somehow a bit more expensive than the train journey – well, we had booked that one well in advance! And yes, I do know that the airport there was closed due to snow yesterday (but re-opened fairly quickly – anyway, we are well trained to camp out at airports – somehow it’s a bit warmer than in a station….)

Moving day postcard will follow sometime soon – probably after Christmas . G took one picture with our lovely piano movers who all (more or less) volunteered to be on it – our little place “in-between houses”  has had some trouble with internet connection.  I thought I’d have everything organised – but no….

Since we will be travelling almost all day tomorrow we wish everyone a lovely and peaceful Christmas with a picture of the French Bûche de Noël (traditional French dessert for Christmas) of 2009 made by Lenôtre, designed by Kenzo.

Bûche de Noël Lenôtre designed by Kenzo


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