Time to rest

It seems as though the stress of the past months has paid off (sort of ). The first day of low stress after the move  (= ‘normal’ Saturday = not running around, driving van full of stuff, carrying boxes through the snow etc.) the flu came to us.

Monday saw 100% of the house down; this is now reduced to 2/3, after having slept through nearly three entire days (one of them with sunshine – grmph).  Today was the first day through which we haven’t slept for 80% of it – obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t sit here and write).

The house still looks like after a major Christmas explosion: full of boxes, despite us carrying so many of them to the dump.

The piano now lives nicely in-between two rooms. The location seems to come as a bit of a surprise. I believe the first house guest had an ‘oh-dear-God!’ moment when he saw the piano in its new home…. anyway, three more weeks and it can be tuned again – the neighbours and we will be grateful 🙂

Thankfully, I had the sense of saying no (despite it being hard) after Christmas to go to Dresden this weekend  to meet up with my sister and her boyfriend for a concert. There wouldn’t have been much chance of me making the trip – not even the trip to the airport. So they’re driving alone and it’s R’s birthday today  as well (Happy Birthday again!), would have been time for a party – (sigh)

My brain is still full of Philadelphia (nicer to say this than fog or slime although, I’m sorry to say, it is most probably the latter as it gets better with steaming) and thinking for longer seems difficult. This is challenging when one has to remember where one put what. A couple of items turned up in a totally different box than I thought I’d put them… (see: Creuset pot). On the gallbladder thing: definitely on the way back up and past the vegan time – had meat several times as well as half of the glass of lemon preserve with an insane amount (compared to before) of olive oil.

On the knitting front I’m preparing for the Ravelympics as co-captain of the Team PurpleHaze: the team for knitters affected with CDIFS and fibro (hence the purple in the name as CFIDS has a blue ribbon, in case you get confused with the ribbon colours). This event basically consists in knitting one (or several) items during the Olympic period. After some thought-exchanging, co-captain (and initiator of the team) Sajrsteph has worked her butt off to come up with a list of simple patterns that we will be able to complete in time. This was very good as I only had limited access to the internet in a nearby cafe…

I’m very much leaning towards knitting the the Easter bunnies, but I haven’t decided yet…


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