Slowly getting better

We’re slowly getting better… (veeeery slowly – ok, too slow for me).  We spend a lot of time in the company of a box with sheep (see above), lots of tea (mostly the caffeine free stuff), films, audio books. You can see that we have put up some book shelves – it just takes about 5 times longer than we’d expected—

We’re already through part 5 of First Law – sigh – and now into a funny German book called ‘Die Vermessung der Welt’, a fictional story about Alexander von Humboldt and Carl Gauß (ha, just discovered that it has actually been translated into English and called Measuring the World).

There is a bit of knitting going on as well (finishing new house mate A’s gift), a bit of thinking what we’re going to knit for the Ravelympics: the most sensible would be to start in the  WIP Dance (that would be work in progress for the non knitters – but do we always do the most sensible things….?). There are lots of very amusing categories like Lace Luge (anything lace) or Cable Cross Country (anything cable) ah decisions… I think for now I decide to go down and have some chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner.


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