Zwölf von Zwölf

I finally managed to take part in “zwölf von zwölf”! I’ve wanted to do it for ages, but either didn’t have the time or was sick or both…

I started the pictures with my tea and porridge for breakfast, looking out of the window onto a particularly dull sky (yet still no snow). As you can see, the heating is still not switching itself on on time – doesn’t really help to get up in the morning.

I should have had a go at the papers (instead I took a picture of them, not sure this is going to help me later if I have to know the content).  On my second break, waiting for the water to boil and deciding on the tea, I cut the little tree I have from my Dad (he keeps  his from his study days).  Mine suffered from the cold last week. It was all right with snow (strangely enough) so I got lured into false security that nothing could harm it. A glimpse of our workspace… which I hope to use more this year.

And to finish, all my knitting things are neatly lined up for the start of the Ravelympics tomorrow morning in my case.   I just need to make up my mind what to knit now and locate the pattern for my WIP.

For the full list of participants of “zwölf von zwölf” have a look on here.


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