Zwölf von zwölf

I’ve taken all my pictures but no internet all day ??!!? I’ll put them up asap… Without any further ado, here are the 12 pictures of March:

I finished the new duvet cover. In starting this project I found out that they didn’t sell us the 2.50m we asked for –  but 60cm less (???). I had to go into the material stash using the blue Marimekko we bought at Dreyfus in Paris. It looks great, but I had some problems (broke two needles) and the lower thread didn’t behave as I’d liked.

And Carlotta –  isn’t she sweet? I got her on Monday, but didn’t manage to get pictures of her then.

The Orange and Oat Scone from 101 Cookbooks is fantastic (thanks Heidi!).  I substituted the buttermilk (can’t have thanks to medication) with 0% Greek yoghurt and some milk, and the sugar (keeping in mind to add volume) with some more flour and oats and (obviously) some blueberry jam sweetened with grape juice. Yumm! And Heidi is quite right: they get better the longer they sit – one does need some patience—

Thanks Caro for organising zwölf von zwölf!


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