Week in retrospect

|Listened to| Rheingold; the Met Ring with Maestro Levine conducting – this will make me speak in quotes for days… This is also the opera that nearly got me killed.  On lunch break for a production where I was the language coach  “Wotan” grabbed my hand and with the quote ‘Folge mir Frau (follow me wife – a sentence I had previously complained about to the rehearsal pianist – I don’t like to be addressed in imperatives) grabbed my hand and made me cross the street – not realising the double decker bus coming… we just made it!
|Read| The Snake Stone (still quite like it, didn’t have much time reading it though)
|Watched|Food Inc. (everyone should see it, usually I don’t say those things, but it has a positive outlook that consumers actually can change things.)
|Did| filling out forms
|Learned| about filling out forms and staying sane
|Ate| Sushi at Itsu
|Drank| Coffee (decaf still but yumm)
|Thought| Why do I have to clean (again)…???
|Was happy| meeting a friend for coffee I hadn’t seen for a really long time
|Wished| for spring to come
|Planned|to buy the new Burda Moden
|Bought| a shirt (on sale so it was allowed)
|Clicked| Leo


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