Knitting on the London Underground

Do you ever feel embarrassed on the Underground? I get the funniest looks when I get out my knitting on the way to work in the morning. Shouldn’t my fellow travelers feel more embarrassed for playing games on their iPhone, doing their makeup, eating their breakfast? …. But there we are. It doesn’t stop me, but I tend to make stupid mistakes in my cable design. Hmph.

Newest project on the needles is a pair of monkey yogi socks (lovely Wollmeise yarn – yum!). Since the last 3 weeks brought with them constant over-time at work, the tube is really my only option in the morning/evening to get some knitting done. I’ll post some project pictures shortly 🙂

© maggio musical fiorentino

©maggio musicale fiorentino - feeling embarrassed in the tube...?


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