Güle güle Ahmet!

Last Friday our dear friend Ahmet lost the battle against colon cancer (and in order to spare me the bad news my Dad only told me today).

For over 25 years Ahmet had first been looking after all my family’s teeth and – through the love of food – became a friend.  I got to see him when I was home last October. He was still working in his dental surgery – although he had lost the mass of hair and beard we all knew him with, and visibly tired, but lovely as always.

Originally from Turkey, he lived in Germany for most of his life and only made very few grammatical errors when speaking German. My favourite one was “Ein kleines Pieks”  (correct “Ein kleiner Pieks”) when he was about to give you an injection. I actually never told him – he was the one with the needle in his hand, and I was on the other end of that needle – and, you know, practitioners and doctors are said to have a sadistic side 🙂

I will miss you Ahmet, and I hope – where ever you are – you get all the great food we dreamt of and used to cook, spoke about and still wanted to eat together.


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