I need spring

Trying to kick-start spring we set off to re-design the blog. Voilà!

I want flowers in every colour, green leaves, sunshine (it’s raining & it’s cold today), sit on the terrace, wear dresses and a maybe a holiday…. sigh… in the meantime have a fantastic weekend!

1. green revolution, 2. My Ladybug should bring you Luck – Happy New Year 2010 !!!, 3. Dandelion – All Things must pass, 4. The Photographer, 5. Pepper Power , Red and Green, 6. Gorgeous Green Garden, 7. Raindrops with the Refraction of a Green Jungle in my Garden, 8. Lady Lula’s Bright Eyed Stare, 9. My Temporary Peace, 10. Red Green and Bokeh, 11. Neptunes & Jupiters dance, 12. Summer landscape, 13. The Photographers – Marin County, California, 14. “Strong coffee”, 15. Netherlands – Magic Light in Lage Vuursche Forest, 16. Green against Yellow


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