Week in retrospect

|Listened to|French Cafe Songs (minus the Edith Piaf songs; they make me sad)
|Read| Das Limonenhaus (predicable novel, but still quite enjoyable)
|Watched| too tired to watch anything
|Did| met  friends I didn’t see for a loooong time (little A who is adorable and entertained the whole party)
|Learned| filling out forms can be something for the entire family…
|Ate| Mortadella on bread
|Drank| Lemon grass tea (forgot how nice it is)
|Thought| Do we need to get someone to clean the windows?
|Was happy| That I was wrong
|Was sad| For Ahmet’s disappearance – we’ll miss you Ahmet (actually, we already do)
|Wished| that the weekend would be longer
|Planned|to go to La Fille du Régiment with G & A
|Bought| a little cardi (on sale & for my Mom  – and no it’s not part of the birthday present… in case someone was wondering)
|Clicked|nife is life


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