Switching to the dark side?

While looking up when we’re supposed to change the clocks forward to summer time (ugh, one hour less = getting up one hour earlier) I found out about the WWF earth hour.  To some house mate’s annoyance G and I have been known to unplug all sorts of electrical appliances for years already (why is the television not working…?). Ok, I confess it’s proably more the money factor which keeps us motivated  rather than changing the climate, but at the end it works out well for both.

Tomorrow the whole world (more or less) will be aiming to switch off lights for 60 minutes.  I think we’ll be participating. You can check out our power-free hour at MyEarth Hour (for UK & Germany it’s 8.30pm).

Just because the lights are off, it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. We still have some candles left from our Moroccan evening last Saturday that should help to keep us knitting or taking a bath , a real one for pleasure not just a bath one has to take to alleviate the pain in the body — my home work from the new coaching session is to do things for pleasure, and this might be an option.  Or we could go for a walk in town to see all the buildings in the dark… Carluccio’s is serving their meals in candlelight – there are definitely some possibilities her.

Will you be part of it? And what are you planing to do? WWF Belgium did come up with a very good short video clip. Enjoy!


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