Easter to-do list

Last year we had this massive spring clean event – this year I want a slightly more moderate version of it. It helped a lot to have moved house three months ago: clothes went to charity, old cosmetics were discharged and (most) things got tucked neatly into boxes (=music & yarn)

I’d probably scrap it (the spring clean) this year, but my parents are coming next week and I want the house clean (or in German in einem schönerwohnen Zustand). I have been forbidden to do anything but the windows in the kitchen today (gngngngn), but I guess G’s a bit tired of scraping me off the floor every time I have a cleaning fit – so I only did that. Misty, the “house cat”, came round to control that. She actually belongs to our neighbours (or was it that they belong to her?), but they allowed us to let her in if she likes – and she likes it.

To-do list for the next days
  • Clean windows (at least those I can reach without the risk of killing myself) and of course it DID rain afterwards (twice!)
  • Clean entrance of rubbish & old leaves
  • Clean wooden floors
  • Hoover carpets
  • Clean bathroom
  • Have a breakfast meeting with G for new projects (and write a blog post about already achieved changes & projects)
  • Try to get a bread at Poilâne
  • Meet K to catch up (eek haven’t seen her in a year – 2009 wasn’t a good year for us)
  • Make Osso Bucco (not the traditional Easter recipe I know)
  • Make another batch of Orange & Oat Scones
  • Get reading list for Study
  • Finish application for funding no.1 maybe have a look at no. 2
  • Have coffee, a scone, knit and listen to the latest audio book
  • Sit and enjoy

What are your plans?


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