Do we need it?

During our visit at K & M’s we talked about how heavy our laptops are when we have to carry them around. Mine actually doesn’t like to live on battery power, which means I have to carry a cable and a plug adaptor (German cable vs English socket). Practically, it means I take G’s computer (who is nice enough to lend it to me when I need it) a considerably lighter version than mine and I add my USB stick. Still heavy enough for me!

K, an Apple fan, would really like the new iPad …  I didn’t think that iPad was the solution until I found this today.

Apple will launch a new application called forScore: 1300 pages are already uploaded and it seems that you can use your own pdfs  – which would help.  What am I going to do if it doesn’t have music on that I need to practise? Not practical.

It also comes with an integrated metronome (could really use that one, never been a hero at counting) and the possibility of adding notes to passages. According to my research, MusicReader will also launch an iPad application.

Not sure what to make of this, and specific information is not yet available. Will this be a portable downsized Sibelius version? How will this work out practically? I’ve always been a paper & pencil girl.  Will it be less or more tiring to play from a computer score or normal sheet music? Lots of questions, we’ll see how this develops!


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