The week in retrospect

|Listened to| Birds songs in the morning (slight insomnia striking)
|Read| Die Zeit – the real paper version, not the online one for a change – love it!
|Watched| The time go by
|Did| A visit to Chatsworth _ despite 3 hours driving and narrowly escaping a accident on the motorway (well driven G!) so worth seeing. Loved it better than Blenheim Palace… (my personal opinion)
|Learned| You need to have angels watching over you
|Ate| A perfect chicken at a little French restaurant near Covent Garden … we’re allowed to take the left-overs and will have chicken dinner tonight…
|Drank| A mini sip of read wine
|Thought| You must be joking! (Realising the yxcn!???&%! handy man stepping on my freshly washed bath mat)
|Was happy| Parents are here
|Was sad| About Erich disappearance
|Wished| To have more time
|Planned| To go to the zoo
|Bought| Pain de Rassoul (great smooth skin!)
|Clicked| Die Zeit (for brief information about what’s happening in the world)

Zwölf von zwölf will be up later tonight – and we feature my Mom as a guest blogger! How cool is that?


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