Chatsworth House

I first heard about Chatsworth during a long (very long) night of Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version) and recently G and I drove past the visiting sign on the motorway. On the way back we decided to make a little stop and have tea at Chatsworth. This didn’t work out –  we did have tea, but in a small tea shop close to Chatsworth House – it was February and Chatsworth only re-opens in March.  Another visit needed to be planned – and so we went Sunday before last.  Somehow we had a rather late start (after a late evening on Saturday) and it was quite useful to have bought the tickets online very early on Sunday morning, as we arrived a bit late and didn’t have that much time to spend in the house. We did have enough time to see everything though.

Cute little ducks kept popping up in the strangest places (see Chapel) and when talking to the guard, we found out that they were left there from the Easter Egg Hung they had organised in the house.  They made me want to hunt for Easter Eggs…

Our favourite rooms were (of course) the library, the music room (a perfect place for house concerts) and the dinning room – complete with dinner menu for a royal visit. I remember that Fraises Romanoff was the dessert (when I was little, my Mom made it for a dinner party and I was quite impressed with the name).

We spent some time in the garden, not too much as it became chilly and we started to be hungry, but there would have been so much more to see. We will have to come back some time in the summer!


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