Earthday – what does it matter?

Earth day celebrates its 40th anniversary this year! To be honest, I only got to know about it 10 years ago….but it’s practically impossible to have grown up in Germany and NOT be involved in some way or other in “Umweltschutz” (environment protection). So why have an Earth Day?

I think we need an ‘Earth Day’ to be reminded of what the earth actually means to us.

I did get a couple of reminders recently. In order of gravity this would be recently watching Food Inc., the gall bladder infection last year and (obviously) living with a chronic illness – although I’m pretty good at ignoring it – up to a certain point.

Living with a chronic illness did change life radically. It made me become aware of what it means to be forced to live outside of the norm and I have an illness that half of the people I meet don’t take serious.
It made me become more conscious about things that I took for granted: for instance, how much food affects our body and our life quality.

Coming back to the Earth Day idea: One thing everyone could do is be more conscious about what we eat: like eating seasonal products and locally produced products, and sit together for a meal. On the personal plus side this helps to strenghten your immune system.
It would be good to limit the use of the microvawe (sigh) but sometimes it’s just too tempting.

We could also be conscious about how much energy we need to spend and not leave electrical appliances on stand-by, but switch them off. And I’m not even getting started on not being exposed to electrical waves…

We could limit our daily shower to 4-6 minutes instead of 30 minutes. There are some cute little timers you can buy to keep track of the time.

Get a stylish envirosax (or something similar) instead of using plastic bags.

I’ve tried to used more organic wool for knitting, but am so far not sure what it really does for the environment, after I read that it uses up too much water…

Stop using too many products for cleaning. Soda, vinegar & castille soap (or savon de Marseille or Schmierseife) will do the trick.

These are just some little things we can do to help keep our earth a worth while place, you don’t need to buy a new freezer/fridge/washing machine to make Earth Day count.


Earth Day also inspires generosity. In honour of Earth Day 2010 Jan DiCintio from Daisy Janie organised 12 give-away of organic fabric to promote organic fabric. Check out the blogs  and fabrics!

Betz White
Birch Fabrics
Cloud9 Fabrics
Cottage Industrialist
Daisy Janie
Harmony Art
ink & spindle
Swanky Swell
Umbrella Prints


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