12 von 12 (July)

©Håkan Svensson

Ehm… yes, we’re still here… a bit of an interesting month with a price to pay  that is slightly too high (to put it mildly). But enough about that!  On a totally different matter: Spain wins – Congratulations! Germany make third place – oh well, maybe next time… And on the up-side, we can now stop chewing off our finger nails…

12 von 12 will follow shortly ( in case you’d like to know how it works – have a look here)

1. Hydrangea (this name really doesn’t ring a bell if you know this plant by the name of Hortensie!) in full bloom. Some serious de-ivy-ing earlier this year made quite a difference to it. 2. The new summer salad – and I’m not a salad person! – from The Wednesday chef: absolutely amazing (and yes, a mandoline would help a lot – otherwise add some extra time for slicing). Getting the Kohlrabi was a bit tricky. A fellow German ex-pat on Ravelry told me to try the garden centre… this didn’t work, but Riverford had some this year, and also Whole Foods has them at times. I really miss them (sigh). 3. Misty, the house cat (Note: we painted the deck) 4. Cherries before being transformed into a clafoutis. 5. The roses came with the house and changed colours (for no reason) from a slightly hideous red to this lovely pink. 6. The sewing material we bought on Saturday – and nearly fainted in the shop, because of the heat. 7. My Hosta comes from the garden of my Mom’s friend’s mother – the original plant is about 100 years old, I was told. It seems to like this new space. My Mom’s friend is a garden lover. I never imaged what you can get out off a tiny garden.

8. My little flower corner. I received the plants from Riverford when they were tiny – some were really, really tiny (2cm high). Most of them made it, as you can see, and they came out really well! 9. Snapshot no.1 10. Snapshot no.2. Does anyone know the name of those green flowers? They all had tags when they arrived… somehow they got lost. 11. Tournesol. I’m so pleased they turned out well. They need so much water, and I tend to forget that at times… 12. Lavender in the back garden. Doesn’t it look a bit like Italy?

And thanks to Caro for organising this. It’s so much fun!


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