Verdi Open Air

See what ALWAYS happens when we go to the open air event? Pictures from yesterday’s Simone Boccanegra on Trafalgar Square. I met up with friends and once again our evening was torpedoed by rain… This scenario happens every time! You can see the sky getting dark behind the screen. And I took those pictures within about 10 minutes…

It started with Faust about 6 or 7 years ago: we made it through the second half – the first was really wet – although it was worth staying to see Bryn Terfel in dress (one of the few male singers who could pull it off with grace). I believe we had a “drying off session” at Starbucks. Thankfully, they had a hand air blow dryer which was quite useful. La Boheme: we didn’t even try to sit down. The whole place already looked like a pool after page one of the piano score. Don Giovanni: we only made it because of the handed-out rain caps and nerves of steel. Barbiere: we didn’t even try to go, it was pouring rain from 5pm onwards. When we saw the dress rehearsal in the opera house, it was incredibly hot and we melted outside. It could have been the other way round… And finally, yesterday’s Simone: we abandoned Simone before he could find his long lost daughter in the beautiful duet in act one… which is a shame as it’s one of my favourite operas, but we have tickets for tomorrow night. Hopefully everyone will be in good health, as Furlanetto was unwell yesterday, and had to be covered by John Tomlinson singing from the wings. This is something I always find disturbing, as the voice you hear is not from the person you actually see. Last chance tomorrow. Lucky those people who got tickets – like us:-) Since it’s one of my favourite operas, I won’t leave you without a music clip. Simone’s monologue about peace in the council scene with the old (but incredibly wonderful) Scala production.


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