Dishwasher Hacks

from Unplggd

Unluggd came up with a couple of really good hacks like the one for the microwave or the hair dryer. Now Dr. Hausfrau (affectionately called so by me: a friend of the family who, whilst having a PhD in art history, chose to stay home with his kids while his wife was going to work) and I have been really, really good in developing hair dryer hacks ourselves- including defrosting the freezer (to my Mother’s horror), but for the dishwasher I was a bit at a loss. I have used it for fan grills, switches and vent covers for the oven – but that was about it. However, there is so much more… although personally, I’m not too sure about the dishwasher lasagne or the keyboard. (I can literally hear my house mates’ sigh of relief!). They are a blessing to everyone who is short of time and/or physical strength. Well, check it out!


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