Making curtains…

….cfids style

My brain seems to freeze when I look at words lately. During the last weeks I could basically only look at pictures on my computer – which is, I have to admit, already much better than a) having my head stuck in the toilet or b)staying in bed with eyes closed i) with no entertainment ii) listening to audio books. Although a) had the added hilarious scene when G (who was holding my head and thankfully stayed home during my horrible day) jokingly said that I never had lovelier hair while throwing up. I had in fact had put on a hair mask and taken the time to blow dry my hair properly the day before – when I still felt well. I don’t want to make lovely hair a rule for bad days, but at least the hair looks great when this weird pale person with dark circles around the eyes is staring back at you from the mirror. Thinking about it, manicured hands/feed and/or tan do the trick as well…. but enough of that.

Two weeks resting and I had it. I literally crawled out and started to do 2o mins of yoga every morning – followed by 3 hours of sleep afterwards. A couple of days later I started my first project. For months I hadn’t had the time to do things I wanted or when I had the time I felt really bad… and I made lots of plans about what I wanted to do when I finally felt a bit better. So I started with making curtains from the material we bought in Paris last May.

Making curtains cfids style and time for the bullet points:

  • stay in bed try to figure out how to tackle the project.
  • try out a clever way to sew the old curtain from IKEA behind to add an extra layer (or the room would be too light when the sun came in) I got most of my inspiration from this blog
  • getting up measuring the window
  • writing measurements down! (important if you forget to do this you will have to re-do and have another 30 mins in bed – happened before)
  • go back to bed
  • find material
  • find a space long enough to unfold
  • go back to bed
  • get ruler (as seen in the picture) because hands are not to be trusted and cannot draw straight lines and measuring tape
  • measure and cut
  • go back to bed
  • measure and cut IKEA curtain
  • try to remember where I put the camera
  • sit in front of the sewing machine and figure out a way to put the two fabrics together because I have already forgotten what the clever way it was I decided on when I started the project, which can take a while.
  • do not get back to bed ( got you there) – I will have forgotten the new way when I get up again – (make mental note: if I manage to find out a clever way write/draw it down – it helps when I have to sew a second one that’s supposed to look the same…)
  • sew first seam to hold material in place
  • iron seam – trying not to iron fingers as well
  • look at seam thinking “I have done well!”
  • look at seam thinking “where do I go from here???”
  • end up sewing a large tube = closing seams on both ends on the inside (the side facing the window)
  • hang up curtain
  • go back to bed
  • crawl out and pin hem in place (nothing is ever straight, especially not the floor here)
  • go back to bed
  • muster strength for last seam (=final round, nearly there, lots of self motivation – style of a sport’s journalist – hope that no one is sitting outside wondering who you are talking to…)
  • take curtain down
  • sew last seam
  • iron
  • hang it up
  • collapse in bed admire curtain
  • get lovely house mate to make dinner….

*insert after each point kick proverbial butt to get anywhere and blankly stare into a corner wondering what you’re doing and why you’re still sitting on the floor when your time plan (so to speak) foresees that you should sit somewhere else at this point or have an argument with yourself if you should skip the go back to bed part and go on – which probably takes as much time as if you’d gone back to bed for 30mins…


5 thoughts on “Making curtains…

  1. Helen says:

    Hello! I’m a new reader and I just wanted to say how helpful your post is. I have Fibro and am sat with my own curtains on the ground behind me, and whilst panicing in a foggy moment that I had no idea what I was doing, your post that I read the other day from the Chronic Babe Carnival popped into my mind. You made me feel like it was ok to stop and not beat myself up as I will get there in the end, so thank you for helping when you never knew you would!!!

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