Lazy days in Spain

Isn’t the view from the patio priceless? Even I roll out of bed bleary-eyed and get up for breakfast – it makes me happy to sit there and just look. Although I think I actually stare rather than being able to focus at that time of the day…

The walks through the beloved pine woods were drastically reduced this year, which turned out to be quite a good idea for me as well as my Mom who’s still working to get her full 100% feeling back into her left food after a her slipped disk last year (a 1 hour walk one way down and on the way back up a hill). Foot massage and yoga were on the daily plan…

Otherwise, walking through the wood was a bit of a  surprise, since the winds had blown over quite a lot of the pine trees. Pine trees do not have very steep roots that’s why my favourite pine tree in my parents’ garden back in Germany had to die this year as it could have crashed on the house in an autumn storm (sigh). But with the rain falling (back to Spain now, and before we arrived and on one day while we’re there) lots of little flowers I had never seen before, and new green leaves made up for the somewhat dishevelled forest, and showed us a different face of the wood. The -ehm- interesting photos trying to get a rather dangerous branch out of another tree, and all of us lying on the sandy ground laughing about each other’s attempts will stay buried in my Mom’s camera….

The days passed way too quickly reading, eating, cooking (really should buy the second Moro cookbook for our own kitchen; we gave it to my parents for Christmas… love the rabbit paella), talking, swimming and knitting  – G came up with a really nice lace pattern for a blanket and she is already 1/4 through knitting it, while I still can’t count to 9. This is, I’m sorry to say, a general fault, in music in bars with 3 (6 or 9) I always have difficulties, especially if the harmonies are not really helping.

Thankfully the Wollmeise Lace yarn we bought at KnitNation (yey!! and thanks again Socktopus’ Alice) frogs nicely – sigh– I hope this is not because of the name of the colour (Frosch or frog in English)… I have just started for the third time. Oh well,  I have some time to catch up while G’s starting her introduction week for her MA in World Music (or Ehtnomusicology).


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