12 von 12 (September)

A beautiful Sunday!

We started the day – after a first short breakfast – with putting the 3rd coat of magnetic paint onto our kitchen shelf (1). It was sunny, but slightly cold. You could smell that these are the last days of the summer – sigh -. 2)  We then proceeded to put the first coat of chalkboard paint on the board we bought…. last year… I think initially I wanted a bigger pin board, but with University deadlines and home challenges (double-booking the living room for rehearsals – oops) we thought it might be good to have a calendar accessible to all house mates. 4) Then followed our second breakfast and my first soft boiled egg in a year (yey!!) I really missed you little soft boiled egg on my Sunday brunch table! Welcome back!

5) And then it was off to work. G finished one assignment and I tried to make friends with statistics – not entirely successful, though. I had the best working space, sitting right next to the big bay window in the sun.

7) Afternoon tea with G’s favourite mugs – you can just about see the steam still rising from the cup  -ah Mariage Frères Thé au Sahara! I actually managed one cup with hot tea and then forgot about it reading about statistics –sigh– 8) My cute new pencils or rather recycled pencils from old Chinese newspapers (no idea why it had to be Chinese newspapers) but I had to order something for £2 to knock off the postal charge for the Pebeo paint… and those just look perfect. And you can write very well with them. 9) & 10 ) are the different stages of our chalkboard diary. Why do you always have to wait until the paint is dry? Now we’ll have to continue sometime during the week – if we can… 11) Magnetic paint on the shelf and the magnets are holding. It’s not like a real magnetic board – weak magnets fall off – but it’s a nice change and the colour fits the kitchen. And after all this work, we had some pear cake (recipe thanks to David Lebovitz) with some amendments for the almond paste. I mixed almonds with Apfelschmaus (looks like Marmite but made from apples and it’s actually sweet despite no added sugar) and it worked really well. I’ll make that one again! Hope you all had a lovely weekend and thanks Caro for organising the 12 von 12 again!


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