And back

pre-birthday dinner

Three days away:

  • 2 flights on time – not with the Irish company
  • Tried new dentist; a dentist with a sense of humour, great! He was our late dentist’s dentist. As my new dentist he ordered my patients folder from the previous dental surgery – I was so touched seeing all my concert flyers, newspaper clips of reviews etc. they’d saved in my folder – amongst my dental records…
  • 2 teeth fixed (one remaining to be fixed- first time in 15 year someone had to drill a hole in my teeth not too bad, eh?)
  • 1 train journey 40 minutes delayed for G – good that we’re used to London Transport and planned accordingly…(thanks Deutsche Bahn not used to that! Get back to being punctual!)
  • 1 pair of jeans for my Mom (looks great)
  • 1 new jacket for G (found in the last minute, before she had to leave to catch her train)
  • 1 new shirt (for me)
  • baked 2 cakes
  • bought salty licorice (not enough)
  • met neighbours on the market/ in town – it’s just too small not to run into each other at some point
  • 1 amazing pre-birthday dinner which included that 33 year old bottle of wine with a tower on the label (for those who are into wine you’ll know what it was). This also included a tiny hang-over from the thimble size amount that I had. I totally forgot to time the medication accordingly – can’t have it all – sigh
  • 1 lunch in the garden – miss all the flowers and plants I planted
  • and some sort of preparation for birthdays to come (at least now we know who arrives when…)

I had a great birthday (despite it being a Monday) I got lots of school supplies (haha!) even “eine Schultüte” (a german tradition every child gets one on their first day of school – and I didn’t, my first day was in Paris and the French don’t know about this tradition), books and a blue bento box so that I can take my own lunch. Now I just have to come home with good grades… but this is another story 🙂


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