September in Retro



|Listened to| clips from various music around the world

|Read| apperantly not enough – otherwise via audio books

  • Le Garou by Leonie Swann – a sheep thriller or a thriller from a sheep’s persepective. It’s the sequel to Glennkill, which was translated into English (I’m sure this one will follow soon as well) – perfect for knitting entertainment – if I had actually knitted (somehow couldn’t motivate myself, but need to – sigh)
  • Deeper the second book of the Tunnel series by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams – I keep falling asleep to it which has nothing to do with the book just with me listening to it when I have a break…. this book will last me a looong time

|Watched| Eat Pray Love – and did like the book much better although I loved the pictures from the different countries (and it definitely has potential to make you eat lots of pizza)
|Did| enrolled at university (second student in the house- yey!)
|Learned| not all information is given to you
|Ate| tried lots of new cake recipes bittersweet chocoloate pear cake & carrot cake from the smitten kitchen blog and French pear & almond tart from David Lebovitz’ blog
|Drank|very, very old wine
|Thought| you can ALWAYS read more
|Was happy| for my little sister
|Wished| for a smooth year
|Planned| to go to a wedding
|Bought| nothing – except food
|Clicked| has be censored as it would give too much away about what the wedding gift will be (explanation will follow in October)


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