Survived week 1!


and then start again...


This pretty much describes what week one looked like.

Biggest problem: I’m familiar with some concepts we covered, but not in English; and it seems that the English way of thinking does differ from the German one. It reminds me of changing primary schools in Paris form a French one to the German school (there is only one). Maths was the crucial course as the French had a totally different way of explaining the problems, and I really felt lost for a couple of months until I was able to adapt to another way of thinking. I coped once, I can do this a second time, right?

The waste of energy of the week: having to go in again on a “day off” (no lecture day) to stand in line for two hours to show my certificate in order to prove that I have a university degree (actually I sat, couldn’t have managed to stand for so long). No one told me when official enrolment was, one email would have been enough and I could have been prepared! You should have seen the length of the queue for those who hadn’t been notified, forgot things, missed the day etc.! I did manage to get a student card on the official day though, but they still needed to see the document in question, thus the extra visit. I was there 5 minutes after they opened and thankfully there were only 5 people in front of me.  It took them 2 hours to process those 5 people…. (enormous sigh), but now everything’s done!

Nice moments: it’s a fabulous group of people on the course. We all come from quite diverse backgrounds, and everyone seems pretty happy to explain things they’d already covered previously, or known about anyway, to those who didn’t quite get it in the lecture.

I’m now sitting in the sun, observing new neighbours moving in two houses down the road, watching the leaves on the tree turn red and enjoying the peaceful moment. I think rest is in order today! And maybe some baking – I was thinking about another bittersweet chocolate & pear cake….


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