12 von 12 Oktober

It’s October already – and after a rather monochrome grey summer we now enjoy some days of golden October! The third day with sunshine!

Tuesdays are non-lecture-days – so I get to sleep longer. On Mondays the alarm goes off at 6.25am and I’m not a morning person (read: hate getting up early).

Study with CFIDS: I don’t try to force myself to sit at a desk if it’s too exhausting to sit there, reading/working in bed will do. I try to make the bed first though, and have nice and clean surroundings. I bought some new colourful cardboard folders to store all the materials from the different lectures – believe me it’s a lot to read! I thought filing would be crucial for revision next year – better start right away… My new skirt! I absolutely love it. It’s comfy and has a gorgeous colour – and it has pockets. The leaves start to change colour. And a sneak peak at our secret sewing project…

Dame Joan Sutherland  – the reason why so many of us started to listen to and love opera – she will be greatly missed!

Projects needing attention: exit kettle (already? we thought this brand was long lasting – how you can be mistaken!)  and we  should finish the calendar board… maybe I can start on the missing rows tomorrow – the new tape let the colour bleed – more expensive, less effective and needs extra time for fixing = not happy!

A rather boring lunch (but safe, for the stressed body) – and some fun – not in any way related with work or study –  audio books to relax. It sounds silly, but somehow listening to fun books makes it easier to make myself rest at regular intervals throughout the day. I can talk myself into listening while curling up in bed, and that will be fun instead of having to do it and feeling like I totally miss out on life. Well I don’t, I have a book. The downside (for the book):  I tend to fall asleep to literally any and every book, no matter how interesting it is; on the upside: they last longer 🙂

Thanks to Caro for organising 12 von 12!! And happy birthday!!!


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