12 von 12 November – Birthdays and Nostaligia

Chalk Board Calendar

Chalk Board Calendar

Can it be time for 12 of 12 already again? Uh-oh… what a month it’s been since the last photo shoot. Back in London after H&A’s wedding, we threw ourselves into the flat hunt. And when London-dwellers speak of ‘hunt’ they mean it: about 70% of the places we were scheduled to see had disappeared from the market before we had a chance to visit. And of the few we did see, the first run turned out to have damp problems (does anyone remember the joys we had with mould and house hunting around this time last year….?), and anything decent also demanded astronomical rents. To top it all, M carried away a few bruises – battle scars – from the hunt, as she managed to throw herself into the gutter – quite literally – on one of our property visits. And terrible friend that I am, I broke into a fit of giggles before helping. Not sure why she still happily shares a flat with me…

M's Bruised Knee

M's Battle Scars (read: bruised knee)

Lo and behold, M and I have found a very sweet little place… and will be moving in December (just what you want to do before Christmas, I’m sure). We are thrilled (honestly!), but also will miss a few things from our present lovely house – most of all the piano, which unfortunately won’t be able to find a home in the new place. We will sadly wave good-bye and send it back to it’s owner, who was so kind to lend it to us for these many years. And whilst the new flat has a little balcony, we will miss the garden and flowers – not so much the squirrels, though. Enough with the hint of nostalgia.

What we will miss...

What we will miss...

November is also my birthday month, and besides being given 3(!!!) wonderful bouquets of flowers, I have also been spoiled rotten by M with a pampering day weekend at home. It felt like walking on clouds. The month also continues with work for our different degree programmes and some creative crafts (we’ve not quite finished the quilt, are both working on various knitting projects and finished the chalk board calendar). Much to do, little time to do it, but lots of fun, creativity and friendship to see us through (N, thank you so much for the tea gift that arrived after the photo shoot was finished, but is amazingly lovely – want to come around to enjoy it together? I’ll bake some scones…).

In the making

In the making

Many thanks to Caro for organising 12von12 🙂


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