Weekend recap

Paris for the weekend! Aren’t the Christmas lights on the Champs Elysées great? They had some fancy lights with “running down” effect which looked very cool.

Leaving essay deadlines behind us  – at least for a while (ironically G’s next one is due on our moving day – sigh) we went to Paris for a weekend of celebrating my Dad’s birthday.

We planned lots of things (too many as always), but despite feeling shattered we managed quite a lot:

  • Goumanyat for spices of which we were running  out: “mille et une nuits” and a couple of others. Also had some time at the  spice ‘smelling bar’ to discover new ones. We bought some” simple” ones (read: just one ingredient) such as cardamom and aniseed)
  • Mariage Frères  – Thé au Sahara Rouge found a lot of friends in the family! Really the tea is why one goes  – the service is rather non-existent…
  • Parly2 – they had the Christmas decorations set up – it’ made me feel as if I was six years old again! (my family is used to this and R is now one of us…)
  • Relais de Venise for dinner (been going there for nearly 30 years) including the whole restaurant singing Happy Birthday (in French – obviously) for my Dad when they brought the dessert. We have sung it there for so many, it was fantastic to have sung it for us this time.
  • L’As du Falafel – with waiting list for the first time. And they are strict! You get a number and you better don’t move as you can only go in if everyone in your party is present. Some people walked off for a while and were surprised to find that their place was taken….Falafel spécial was great as always.
  • Le Louvre
  • Bought a Christmas wreath  – got some secure packaging when I told the lady we’d take it back to London and would even move house with it…
  • catch up with family (insert this before and after every point above)

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