12 von 12 Dezember

Last time 12 von 12 this year

And this is the last 12 von 12 for 2010! How quickly the year went by… suddenly it is December. I’ve been in bed nearly all weekend – bad moment for a flair-up of CFIDS, I have been quite good before (more or less), but  crawling to college on Thursday was the straw that broke the camel’s back. That’s why we have pictures up – G’s not only trying to pack our remaining possessions, but also trying to keep me entertained, so I don’t feel completely useless. (And I try not to have too many self-pity moments)

To make our life even easier, the heating – which already had its moments over the last week – now is completely off. Let me re-phrase this to erase all doubts: we have been totally without heating for three days! British Gas sent not only one, but two different plumbers – one more useless than the other. The first one only looked at it and confirmed that the heating was leaking into the wall (no -really?! I couldn’t have seen this myself, wasn’t this why we made the landlord call them in the first place!?!), the second one ripped open the floorboards to find that the pipes are not welded together, but have pressure valves (underneath the floorboards?? Obviously a very intelligent person installed those). But the problem couldn’t be solved without specialist equipment, so is he going to come back tomorrow – which forces G to work from home to supervise our things.  He is going to need access to my room – which is the room we have used to store all our boxes since last weekend when L and A came to help us pack up… fantastic choice. It couldn’t have waited one week???

It’s freezing in the house – which I will probably notice as soon as my fever drops (one advantage here). G’s been sleeping with my woolly hat (now known as sleeping bonnet) under 3 blankets.

On the happy side: Chocolate&Zucchini’s granola recipe is the hit of the season. She calls it her safety blanket snack (love the wording) and I totally agree! She has made it really easy to make variations on the basic granola theme. If you’re still looking for a recipe – go over there and give it a try! The other big plus making your own granola: you have the oven on (which elevates the kitchen temperature to a  rather tropical 14C) and it makes the house smell lovely and peaceful!

Thanks again Caro for organising 12von12 and have fun checking out what the other participants have put together.


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