Waiting for … Christmas…

It’s 5.58am Christmas Day and we’re sitting bleary eyed in front of our Peppermint teas at London Heathrow. After our flight was cancelled yesterday afternoon we queued for ages in several queues.

We had the nicest man at the re-booking counter (thanks again should you ever reed this!) who took care of us. And now we’re here again (weren’t we here already 12 hours ago?) re-routed to Frankfurt which now involves a 3 hour train ride home- but if all works out, we could make it home for Christmas dinner…
Not what I anticipated for Christmas, especially after the tiring move last week (and all the dramas that entailed). After all that it’s a miracle we didn’t break down totally (just nearly). Thanks to pain killers we’re holding ourselves up!

We’re wishing everyone a very happy Christmas!


3 thoughts on “Waiting for … Christmas…

    • dotsandyarn says:

      Thank you! we made it to M’s parents after 32 hours of travel and had a lovely Christmas dinner last night. Still catching up on sleep, but enjoying the beautiful view of masses of snow outside (much prettier when seen from this side of the window whilst sitting in a cosy house!). I will travel on tomorrow to see my parents – fingers crossed for the rest of the journey. Gx

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