Comfort food needed

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The first week in the new flat’s nearly coming to a close and we start to settle in, unpacking boxes and hanging up pictures. We have a working phone line – since this morning, but still about a week with no internet (sigh), which wouldn’t be too bad if we didn’t have to finish our essays. Doing online research while sitting at Starbucks doesn’t work too well for me – especially the work 20 mins and lie down to rest for 20 mins is not really do-able there 🙂
I’m trying to establish a new routine in order to get a little better- moving and about 32+ hours of travel to go home (usually takes about 6 door to door, and spending Christmas Eve at the airport) used up a lot of energy.
Therefore, everything that saves me energy (or brings some) is more than welcome! I found that thekitchn has declared this week “soup week” and, to my great surprise, I followed enthusiastically! And this is coming from me- a person who is not into soups at all- you can ask my mother, who’s been trying to feed me soups all my life with no great success…
Anyway, we’ve had lentil soup this week, which somehow doesn’t qualify as a soup in my eyes. But thekitchn people put so many recipes up it will take us all of January to cook them all! Probably not the worst as soups not only qualify as comfort food (required when I look out of the window) but also budget friendly (required after moving house).
There is a chowder recipe (which also gives an excuse to finally try the no-knead bread and DIY butter), pasta e fagioli or miso soup – so much to try!


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