We’re up to our eyeballs in university essay/project deadlines… this is how it looked this morning (minus playing word games on the iPhone with G on her way to work and oh I’m sooo bad at it – hoping that I’ll improve though!) The résumé of these past days read as follows:

  • books, books and more books
  • notebooks (technically also a book)
  • papers (a lot of them,  stored under the “essay file”- try writing about musical universals and not read till you drop dead!)
  • filling out forms for my BAFöG forms (grant from German state) – the same form for the second time and one has to be grateful that one hasn’t been processed! And I was oh so early applying for it!
  • a candle in memory of our friend’s granny who died yesterday
  • tea (Mariage Frères roiboos) as I don’t drink enough and then I feel sick…and don’t want to drink…
  • working all over the super big bed (also now called: base camp) = enough space for all the books, notebooks, food & tea at the same time!

not pictured:

  • slightly tired and periodically overwhelmed brains in the process
  • working phone line and broadband – after BT initially connected the wrong house number…
  • first meeting for my final project (which went well – but also means a lot more to read and think about – I know, I asked for it!)
  • the incredibly horrible miso/squash soup trial yesterday – that way we’ll loose weight quickly – funnily, I also don’t need to sleep with that very much either; I’m up since 4.30am
  • helping A to move from her detention centre like place (also known as student accommodation) into her new, better place at Greenwich (also student accommodation) – where it rains through the ceiling- hopefully that’s going to be fixed soon…
  • carpets/ sofa cover steam cleaning (done by a company and not to be paid by us as the former tenant didn’t clean when he moved out)
  • slowly getting settled in the new place and finding the need to research creative storage/deco options
  • listening and knitting to Dragon Lance in the evenings – now waiting for audible to release the next one. We definitely have too many book series hanging in there – speed up audible! (and yes I did play dungeons&dragons at school if you must know) Knitting: G finishing up a secret project and me starting the hare and tortoise by Kate Davies (and frogged already when once when I arrived at the first tortoise: I didn’t do my maths properly for the substitute yarn)
  • Preparing for my sister’s wedding next month

I think that’s basically all we did… and now back to the essay! Essay done and handed in on time – should have pushed the publish button and not the save button on this blog post…


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