Ploughing on

Now that essay and project proposal are submitted, the lab report’s the next challenge – my first real encounter with SPSS (eek!!). G’s into her essay and transcription exercise – or at least she’s trying to as work still remains as challenging as ever (they are still understaffed, but hope is on the horizon).

On the up side, the flat starts to look presentable – not a moment too soon as N, our traditional first house guest – is due to visit on Sunday. Yey! I just need to decide on the cake…any suggestions..? I’m really looking forward to catching up and knitting peacefully. Plus, I have two wonderful knitters to torture ask about how to best work out my secret project for my sister.

No more work for me today: lab session always fries my brain and the way home wasn’t as smooth as I anticipated, despite an early finish at college. Unexpected purchases – none of which are for me to keep, and the necessary phone calls to find out if those items had already been purchased by someone else (all a rather complicated scenario) – delayed the journey home until schools were finished, which made the bus journey very long (too much traffic). And, to top it all, the bus driver decided to terminate the journey a stop earlier and it started snowing when I left the bus, making my teeth chatter until I was home. Now, the French onion soup is happily simmering on the stove, my toes are defrosting in the warmth of the hair dryer and I’m looking forward to an evening alone at home as G’s having a function at work. Some more knitting on my hare and tortoise sweater maybe. I’ve just started the first tortoise – quite excited about seeing it grow!


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