January Retro

February Breakfast with housewarming mugs

|Listened to| silence

|Read| apperantly never enough – otherwise via audio books:

  • Fillory – disappointing, didn’t make it to the end
  • Alan Bradley’s Flavia de Luce (second book) just about started

|Watched| The King’s Speech – loved it!
|Did| Wrote essay, project proposal, started lab report – (spss on mac  – if you got it to work, you know what I mean)
|Learned| one needs to be persistent and then sometimes one is lucky
|Ate| lots of granola (chocolate&zucchini recipe is simply wonderful)
|Drank| tea
|Thought|Almost everything including and in between: OH NOOOO! and YEY!
|Was happy| for family
|Wished| to have more Sundays like the last one
|Planned| to go to my little sister’s wedding and mumble, mumble, mumble (one never knows – sisters read blogs as well…)
|Bought|  food
|Clicked| various libraries for papers- you really don’t want to know 🙂


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